a wise investment

Have you thought about the things you could improve?

We launched a financing round together with Brickken

And we tokenize 10% of our shares for you to become one of our investors.

The goal? Investment in technology and communication that will allow us to improve our MVP.

How does it benefit you?

Increase the ability to transfer your assets
Simplifies the investment process
Increases the likelihood of your return on investment
It buys and sells assets through fully legal agreements.

What problem are we solving?

We provide companies with

Immutable traceability, improve your image

We offer our users

Security in your private transactions, immutable blockchain recording, transparency and trust.

Certiblock is the solution

Easy, fast and economical that certifies and tokenizes in blockchain, the processes and documents of companies and individuals.

Why should you invest in Certiblock?

If you have come this far, you are interested in technologies such as Blockchain and some of its main uses,
such as NFTs, and their application in making companies more transparent and sustainable.

If you also want to invest, this is your chance to do so in a start-up with great potential,
focused on developing real solutions for real-world companies.
And if above all you want to do it in a different, decentralized way, through Security Tokens, you are in the right place.

We are experts
in Blockchain

Experts in blockchain solutions. Tokenizations, NFT, traceability, digital evidence, Smart contact, ...

Easy to use and integrate

Pay-as-you-go and customized SAAS solutions through our industry APIs

transversal to sectors

We work on the development of cross-sector and cross-purpose functionalities applicable to the real world.


Our platform is scalable, multi-sector and multi-market.

and growth

Vocation for international growth and adaptability


Technology, business development, marketing and finance experts

I want to invest

Why Brickken?

Experts in investment processes through the tokenization of shares.

Brickken leverages blockchain technology for easier, non-brokered access to needed liquidity, and without intermediaries, to the necessary liquidity. It is the best option for start-ups, companies or projects to raise funds completely independently.

As a customer, you will be able to create a real community link around your product/service and increase product/service and increase the retention and engagement of your current and potential and engagement of your current and potential customers.

It's for you if your company wants to raise funds, have a dynamic structure so that your shares can be bought and sold, and structure so that your shares can be bought and sold, and the possibility of involving your

involve your investors in the company's decisions.

Investing with Brickken

Brickken opens up new markets to all types of investors, including retail investors.

Now you can invest in start-ups, SMEs, and a wide variety of projects.

Before this was impossible.

Finally you can invest small amounts (like $160) and grow your capital by diversifying your investments your capital by diversifying your investments, while receiving passive interest.

As an investor, you can sell your securities whenever you want in a P2P market.

What are the advantages of investing in Certiblock?

Invest only from 160€.
Benefit as a customer by becoming an investor.
160€ equals 1 Token
Investor type Membership benefits
1 to 9 Certiblock token Investor Subscription to weekly news and industry events. 3 months free on the monthly service fee.
Free testing of new features
10 to 29 Certiblock token Bronze Investor + 10% discount on the chosen service pack
30 to 99 Certiblock token Silver Investor + 20% discount on the chosen service pack
+ voting in strategic decisions of the project, without the possibility of veto
100 forward Certiblock token Professional Investor + 25% discount on the chosen service pack
+ Voting in strategic decisions of the project (without the possibility of veto).
+ invitation to advice as an advisor.
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